• Nopi, Aug 24th, 2011

    24/8: Staff briefing. Honami, Jamie, Yotam (not senior), Rebecca and Albi. Getting ready but also posing. Not mutually exclusive.
  • Ottolenghi recipes

    Hundreds of recipes by Yotam Ottolenghi are now available in both our cookbooks (Plenty and Ottolenghi), and there is a constant stream of fresh ones available in the Guardian website (you can scroll back years to find an untold treasure!) and many other publications. Happy cooking!
  • Islington renovation

    After seven years of hectic operation, we are about to give the Islington restaurant a serious and well-needed facelift. For this we will need to close the restaurant for nine days – from Tuesday, 30th of August, to Wednesday, 7th of September. We will re-open, all white and gleaming, on...
  • Nopi, Aug 11th, 2011

    11/8: Our men (and woman) and work.
  • Nopi, Jul 30th, 2011

    30/7: Scully’s special is getting everybody ecstatic and Basia finds it hard to share. Ceps on sourdough with bone marrow and veal jus. What is this, St John’s?
  • Nopi, Jul 21st, 2011

    20/7: kitchen and floor on break - Petros, Sylvia, Scully, Kinga and Ludwig. Well deserved breath of fresh air, bar the cigarette smoke.
  • West coast, part III

    Now it’s LA and what a change from modest San Francisco! It’s sunny, it’s flat and it’s massive. Joans on Third is the first stop and Joan gives me a reception of a lifetime, with enough food, actually, to last at least a lifetime or two. And if that isn’t...
  • West coast, part II

    Breakfast on day two was a morning bun at the legendary Tartine bakery in San Francisco’s Mission. It is out of my scope to describe the deliciousness of the morning pastries at Tartine. The infamous queue – always there, all times of the day – speaks for itself. It’s worth...
  • West coast, part I

    I am in the west coast of the US promoting Plenty, with a very (!) full schedule kindly provided by the adorable people at Chronicle, my American publisher. Cramming in one short day enough eating to last anyone else half a lifetime is my form of art. And so far...
  • Nopi, Jul 6th, 2011

    6/7: It was a very happy front of house staff meeting. And a chance to introduce some of them. In the outdoors picture you’ve got in front (from left): Jordi, Sam, Sarah, Matteo, Fabio, Charlie and Athanasios; At the back: Niall, Honami, Jamie, Bec, Ludwig, Raquel and Basia. They’re all...

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