Nopi, Aug 27th, 2013

An often-asked question by our guests is whether we get to try all the food we serve.
The answer is always yes- as Scully, our executive chef, is always sure to excitedly dish out a new creation of his. What we do not do, however, is eat pork belly with yuzu puree and twice-cooked whole chickens for lunch every day with a glass of Pinot blanc...

Our staff meals are more familial affairs that evoke those lovely memories of Sundays at your nana’s dinner table. Big pots of hearty stews, a fresh tomato salad, roasted potatoes- Proper sustenance for a hard night's work.

At Nopi, we are trying for a new tradition, “the good staff meal”. As hospitality veterans, the staff here has a collection of past horror stories (brought over from past-workplaces) that tell of burnt toast, pork surprise (don’t ask), soggy eggs…

I believe this is the reason behind the flavour and generosity of our daily meals. Every morning at 10:30 and every afternoon at 4:00, if you drop by Warwick st, you will surely witness a banquet downstairs: A stack of plates, pots of rice, fig and yellow bean salad, tomatoes, roasted chickens or beef curry and loud talking as we all pour over food that will keep us going well into dinner service.


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