Jerusalem Cookbook

The Jerusalem Cookbook, out in September, has been keeping Sami and me busy for well over a year now. And when I say busy I mean months of recipe testing, researching, writing down stories and anecdotes, checking and double-checking. It all culminated over the last three weeks when we were heavily involved in the shoot of all the recipes. Sarah Stephens was in charge of the kitchen, busily preparing dishes for the camera at a pace of a Speedy Gonzales, only much faster. Jonathan Lovekin, extra-talented, super-stoic photographer of Plenty, was doing his usual wonders. Sami and I just had to arrange dishes on plates, though most of them actually looked better in the pans (rustic and authentic). Not much left now. Well, just getting all the clarifications back to the editor, layouts with the designer, proofing and probably another thing or two. Stay tuned. #
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