"Palestinians, like many others in the region, used to harvest some of their wheat while the grains were still green and not completely dry. These were then set on fire in order to burn the chaff and straw. The village women would then get together in large groups to beat the wheat and collect the green grains.

The result of this process is freekeh, or green wheat, a highly popular cereal with a hint of smokiness. It imparts a brilliant aroma when added to soups or stews but can also be cooked like rice or bulgar.
Today, freekeh is produced and sold commercially, whole or broken; when broken, it looks like bulgar wheat but is green. We use it for making pilaffs, in salads and for serving with lamb or chicken. (see poached chicken with sweet spiced freekeh, page 182). It’s earthy flavour and slightly coarse texture go particularly well with sweet spices."

(Jerusalem cookbook, p. 148.)

In our online store you will find two types of freekeh: whole and broken. Both types can be used in any recipe that calls for freekeh, and it can also substitute rice or bulgur. The broken freekeh is often used in soups, pilafs and stuffing vegetables. Whole freekeh is appropriate for stews and salads.

See recipe here.

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