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  • Nopi, Nov 30th, 2012

    Luke (king of the pass), Rodrigo (mostly prepping and feeding everybody) and Ainars (“worth his weight in gold”, Basia)
  • Nopi, Nov 30th, 2012

    Francis, hairy sous. 
  • Nopi, Nov 30th, 2012

    Kitchen Mark, almost left but then stayed.
  • Nopi, Nov 30th, 2012

    Admin Noemie (also online shop wizard) and Manageros Basia (on the phone, much of the time) 30/11: Introducing some of NOPI’s devoted staff, by name.
  • Grilled peaches, apricots and figs with scented yoghurt

    For this salad choose a selection of seasonal stone fruit. Grill the fruit that are relatively hard but leave the soft and juicy ones as they are. Try it with: Grecanico-Terre-di-Guimara-Caruso-&-Minini. Its soft aromatics and striking acidity compliment the salads fruitiness and creamy texture Serves four 4 peaches and/or nectarines...
  • Mackerel and green bean salad with harissa dressing

    Commercial harissa varieties can vary. If yours isn’t very spicy, add a bit of cayenne pepper to it to enhance the kick. Try it with: Pinot-Blanc-Stopham-Estate-11. Its sharpness and concentration will cut through the mackarel's oily texture and spicy dressing. Serves four 1 medium baguette, crusts removed, torn into 2cm...
  • Fettuccine with fresh seafood and a green harissa dressing

    Originally, I wanted to use a combination of parsley and coriander in the green harissa sauce but I couldn’t get any on the filming day, so I used parsley only. If you are a fan of coriander, as I am, substitute half the parsley with coriander leaves and stems. Try...
  • Grilled red mullet with lemon and celery salad

    The method below involves oven-grilling – simpler and more realistic in the British winter months – but you can easily choose to barbecue your fish instead, as I do in the programme. Red mullets available in the UK are normally larger than those I cooked in Tunisia, so I have...
  • Chicken meatballs with preserved lemon and harissa relish

    The relish will make more than needed but it is completely delicious and will last in the fridge for a couple of weeks at least. Serve it with roasted vegetables, grilled chicken or slow-cooked lamb. Commercial harissa varieties can vary. If yours isn’t very spicy, add a bit of cayenne...
  • Green peppers everywhere

    Everywhere I went for my Mediterranean Feast journey I came across green peppers. And when I say green peppers I mean a wide range of capsicums in various shades, shapes and sizes, also varying dramatically in heat, from totally innocuous and mild to on-fire-burning-hot. The milder varieties are used everywhere...

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