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  • Couscous and mograbiah with oven-dried tomatoes

    Richard Learoyd, the amazing talent that took the pictures in our cookbook, has given us all the images to keep. Here's one that didn't make it to the book, plus the recipe that did. Serves 6-8 16 large ripe plum tomatoes 2 tbsp muscovado sugar 150ml olive oil 2 tbsp...
  • Ottolenghi Christmas Gifts

    As always, during the festive season we have a huge range of gift options, all home-made Ottolenghi products. On top of those, you can get a meal voucher or a signed copy of our cookbook, both wrapped with a red ribbon... so there you go, a bit of promotion on...
  • Guardian's Christmas food supplement

    Just had a first glimpse at the Christmas food supplement that Sami and I wrote for the Guardian. It looks absolutely delicious. This exquisite 20-pager will feature our take on Christmas food, including smoked aubergine and yoghurt vol-au-vents; sumac marinated baby chicken stuffed with lamb and bulgar; sourdough, green chilli...
  • Malaysia, Truly Asia - Part I

    On a recent trip to Malaysia I made with Helen and Ling (both originally from Malaysian) I got a thorough peek into this incredibly multi-faceted cuisine. We ate almost only on street markets and in hawker centres, where the three main cultures that make up this nation (Malay, Chinese and...
  • Cake geeks

    We all know computer geeks. Tom from Poke, our dedicated web designers, introduced me yesterday to some of their bread-and-butter: google analytics. This offers the ultimate pleasure to anyone with a website and loads of time to spare. You can find absolutely anything there: who visited your site, when, where...
  • Thanksgiving and christmas menus

    Have a look at our Thanksgiving and Christmas menus. With so many years of experience we think we now have the perfect selection of dishes.
  • Iolanda's apple fritters

    Sweet, sour and wonderfully comforting. Sami got this recipe from his friend Gianluca's mother. Serves 2-4 1 large egg ½ cup milk 2 eating apples, peeled and chopped A handful of sultanas, about 40g 1 teaspoon ground fennel seeds Grated zest of 1 lemon 1 tsp vanilla essence 1 tsp...
  • Sami’s trip to Umbria

    If you’re like me and you’re into food head to Umbria; it’s a trip I do together with my partner, Jeremy, and a couple of friends every year in the summer and let me tell you, I really look forward to it every time. We stay at our friend Gianluca...
  • Spring '09 cooking classes

    A new set of hands-on cooking classes, in collaboration with Leiths, has just been announced. We recommend that you rush to sign up; places are taken up in a flash. The classes offer a great opportunity to enjoy a morning of cooking, eating, drinking and sharing of food experiences. They...
  • Our mistake

    Big apologies!!! After receiving comments from a few of you we realised there is a mistake in the sweet potato gratin recipe, page 68 in the Ottolenghi cookbook. There should only be 2 teaspoons of malden sea salt in the recipe, and not tablespoons as stated.

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