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  • Nopi, Feb 13th, 2011

    12/2: The night before we actually let customers in, albeit non-paying customers and mostly Ottolenghi staff, we simulated a mini-dinner service for 12. How important that little exercise proved to be! Service structure, communication lines between kitchen and floor, portion size and plenty of other things surfaced as immediate issues...
  • Nopi, Feb 11th, 2011

    11/2: This was the day when all staff - floor and kitchen - got to try everything! Food, wine, cocktails. Nice for us, no? Well, before we know it we will have to go back to the real world, actual bookings are coming in thick and fast.
  • Nopi, Feb 10th, 2011

    10/2: Can we just say - THE SIGN IS UP! What else does a restaurant need?
  • Nopi, Feb 9th, 2011

    9/2: We are testing breakfast today. And lychee sorbet which was sweet and creamy. Next: brioche toast.
  • Nopi, Feb 8th, 2011

    8/2: We actually have a restaurant, or something that looks like one. It’s amazing! Staff training continues at full speed, kitchen’s making stocks and sauces, joiners attach mirrors in the toilets (and how many mirrors there are!), electricians making light, Alex decides where the props are hung, Basia with comupter/telephone/all...
  • Leiths classes, autumn 2011

    We are delighted to announce our next set of classes at Leiths, starting September 2011. As advertised earlier, there will be a short window of opportunities to sign in to the classes, due to their great popularity. Leiths' booking line (020 87496400) will be open on the 8th March only...
  • Nopi, Feb 6th, 2011

    5/2: Some of our kitchen team. Don’t they look like Russian farm girls?
  • Nopi, Feb 6th, 2011

    6/2: Staff are training downstairs: Honami and Gal doing wine. Fred and Tobias customer service.
  • Nopi, Feb 6th, 2011

    …while upstairs mainly electricians.
  • Nopi, Feb 4th, 2011

    4/2: We have a kitchen, we have chefs, we have a restaurant but not much is happening at the moment. Waiting….

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