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  • Nopi, Dec 23rd, 2011

    23/12: a minute to Christmas, we’ve been sampling some new salads for 2012. Prepare for more fresh veg on our menu, and counter!
  • Jerusalem on a Plate

    So many positive feedbacks after the Jerusalem documentary on BBC4! I can’t tell you the number of warm emails and tweets I received. Working on this project with James Nutt, the director, was fun and challenging at the same time but meeting all the beautiful people of Jerusalem was only...
  • Nopi, Dec 12th, 2011

    12/12: We now have a pre-theatre menu that is deliciously priced!
  • Nopi, Dec 9th, 2011

    9/12: quails - after smoking with hibiscus - marinating with lemon grass, coriander seeds… That’s NOPI treatment.
  • Christmas opening hours

    Slightly complicated, but here are this year's holiday season opening hours: Kensington will be closed 24th December to 5th January. Notting Hill, Belgravia and Islington December 24th 08.00 – 16.00 December 25th closed December 26th closed December 27th 09.00 - 18.00 December 28th normal December 29th normal December 30th normal...
  • Basque country - food and rain

    A very short weekend in the Basque cities of Bilbao and San Sebastian was a living proof of the extreme abilities of the human stomach to expand endlessly and the incredible power of mother nature to inflict all its might – gale force winds and quantities of rain not seen...
  • Nopi, Dec 2nd, 2011

    2/12: these scallops have been on the menu for a while and are getting popularer and popularer. Fennel purée, apple salsa and calvados reduction.
  • Nopi, Nov 24th, 2011

    24/11:…and using this evocative pumpkin pie image (also on the menu now) to boast about NOPI and Ottolenghi coming 2nd and 6th on Open Table’s diners’ favourite restaurants.
  • Nopi, Nov 24th, 2011

    24/11: Seasonal dishes hitting the menu - lamb canon with chilli relish and red cabbage and macadamia slaw (recipe in Plenty btw)
  • Nopi, Oct 19th, 2011

    19/10: It’s Sarah’s day-before-last. We mean shift manager Sarah, the one every customer knows; the one with the huge smile and the gorgeous Northern Irish accent. Well, she’s going to Brazil. God know why, such horrible weather… But we are all going to miss her madly! Bon voyage Sarah.

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